See you at the dock in Hunnebostrand

In Bohuslän's most beautiful port Hunnebostrand lies Persson's on the quay. This is the Group's summer retreat where we enjoy the salty delicacies of Bohuslän, crunchy fresh from the sea and land in our neighborhood. Here you will meet many familiar faces from our restaurants in Gothenburg. Naturally we want you to recognize yourselves a little bit from our other restaurants but of course Persson's on the dock will have its own identity. It is, after all, a summer restaurant and we really want everyone to feel welcome and find something that fits.

Persson's is a generous restaurant with much warmth and love in an unbeatable environment where the sea meets the land. Here serves both classic summer dishes as well as more prepared and innovative cuisine. All tastes and wallets will find their favorites here.

The Kock & Vin Group

The Kock & Vin Group is the epicurean's own little group - five restaurants with different personality and with common roots in the classic stared restaurant Kock & Vin. Every restaurant has its own profile, but we share the same passion and enthusiasm. We would like to think that that's why we are often rewarded with positive reviews and awards.

Many of our employees have been with us for a long time. Their commitment is the foundation to the Kock & Vin Groups all successes. Our goal is that you as a guest always feel welcome, comfortable and satisfied with us, no matter what restaurant you visit. We want you to feel like part of the family, relax, enjoy, feel good, and above all, eating and drinking really good.

A warm welcome
Gruppbild 2
Björn & Sofie Persson with staff